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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Hey everyone,

This is our first blog post as the Waterloo Rapid Prototyper (Wat-Rapter) team (you can tell we're new to the whole blogging thing if that's our first sentence). So to start the blog, here's some introductory information:

Who we are: Eric and David, two first year mechatronics engineering students at the university of Waterloo.

Our goal: to create an effective, fast and reliable 3d printer that costs less than 500 dollars. And to hopefully share the lessons we learned with other DIY-ers so that they can make their own 3D printer.

Building sxperience: minimal. Like many other 1st year engineering students, the majority of our experience comes from textbooks and classrooms (with the occasional build/design project here and there). We don't have access to our own CNC machines or 20 odd years of experience like maybe some other bloggers, but what we do have is a strong interest in rapid-prototyping and a hard-working attitude.

Just a heads up: As 1st year engineering students, there may be a significant (2-4 week) delay in between blog posts, but don't worry! We're still working on the project as hard as we can. We're just swamped with the usual boatload of work and exams that engineering is oh-so famous for =P

So far the team is just us two to minimize the logistical challenges, but we'll be looking to expand and recruit team members once we successfully build our first 3D printer.

I hope that qualifies as a satisfactory introduction post. Until next time,

Eric Yam
-Rapter team co-lead