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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Looking at the RepRap Software

It's been about half a year since we made our first blog post. From the idea stage, we've managed to (almost) finish the mechanical aspect of the machine. Since it is the most time-consuming part of all, I anticipate the progress to speed up at least a bit. While Eric is mostly working on electronics (as he keeps physical elements), I've decided to look into WatRapter's software.

As stated before, we've chosen RAMPS layout with thermocouple, power resistor, and heated bed. While the standard ReplicatorG + RepRap firmware combination can accommodate for our machine, it's definitely worth tinkering with it, especially because it seems to be the most overlooked area. There are active discussions on mechanical, electronics, and even the material itself. In comparison, discussions on custom firmware/software is almost nonexistent, despite of some issues that can be software-related.

Of course, addressing problems can start once we get the printer up and running. We are using the default software/firmware for our first prototype. Still, this marks the start of research on software/firmware. The progress on this will be abstract and subtle, if not invisible, but I will try and keep everyone updated.

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WatRapter Project Co-Lead

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